Exhaustion Hits – This Post Goes Out To My Long Suffering Body

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  1. Mikeb says:

    Your body is an amazing thing. Look at all the mileage you did, your body would’ve carried on as well for a bit longer. But as I’m sure your aware ” your no a fuckin robot” take a well earned rest, a week or two to let your body chill and recover.
    Take vitamins, amino acid tablets to help repair the damage, look them up they’re fab. I get amino 1500 from holland an b’s. If your body was a vehicle and you’d driven it a thousand miles it’ d need a service. Plus your one of them fucking weirdos that do long mileage frequently anyway so….. Says me whos goal is to get up to three halfs a week.
    But I’m aware of how tired I get taking vitamins, amino’s as well etc..
    And I still take abort a run if I’m not feeling it when I go out, no shame in being tired from pushing hard. Trick is knowing when to rest and recouperate, plus you do well more mileage than me,
    Your body has only so much in it, remember to look after it or it’ll stop working. Try magnesium suppliments as well, good for tiredness, but defo IMHO multis and aminos.

  2. pip says:

    re delayed exhaustion. I started running a year ago and have built up to 3 runs a week (12k, 12k and ~ 15k). When I make a significant jump (eg an extra run of 12k for 2 weeks, or upping the 15k to 21k one week) it’s the second week after that I really struggle to keep doing 12/12/15. No idea why it’s not immediate

  3. Mikeb says:

    The reason I mention the amino acids is that they are what your body gets from eating protein, ie meat, fish, nuts etc… It helps to repair muscle damageetc from all the running…. Wasit did you do lots of running/ damage recently??? Hmmm.
    YOUR diet is very poor from what you post matt.
    I have four amino acids brefore a run which are long runs nowadys and four after along with like three sasusages, or a bacon butty or omelette along with like 2 litres of rehydration stuff.
    Before I took the amino acids, my quads hurt like fuck and I was in pain most of the day, not so much now its pretty non existant. Apart from if I’m a twat and go running long on empty then if ive pushed my mileage I’m slightly achey for the next few hours. But honestly before the aminos, I could hardly walk after. I read on a web site that body builders should have as a MINIMUM a full chicken and 2 steaks a day in protein if theyre doing just one hard workout a day just to maintain body weight.
    Much more if theyre building up they use protein shakes and amino suppliments. Same for running I would asume, hard workouts and runs require muscle building and repair fuel. If your body doesnt get it, it attempts to strip it from your body somewhere to repair whats damaged. Which basically means your fucking yourself over if your not feeding your body right…. Whos that sound like?????

  4. . says:

    What app is this that you have a screenshot of??

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