Entered My First Ultramarathon In Over A Year And A Response To A Response From Yesterday’s Post

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  1. Rod says:

    “I’m getting therapy on a website called Better Help. I’ve started filling in SMART recovery helpsheets. I’ve just finished watching some videos on mindfulness from Ted on Youtube. I’ve dabbled a little bit in Rational Recovery which uses AVRT (Addictive Voice Recognition Technique). It primes you to recognize the lizardy part of your brain when it wants the good stuff like alcohol, sex or Bryan Ferry LPS.” — thanks for this; I’m also a running drunk, have been for years, but now choosing to stay sober. Been to AA but it’s bullshit, too much whingeing and too many whiny “poor me” brats of all ages. Hated that “it’s out of my control” shit, so the Better Help and AVRT programmes shine a light for me. So I’m going to put some effort in and stay on this path of sobriety. Thanks again, love your writings and laugh me tits off sometimes, but I do get the very serious underlying message. Run well, take care

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