Dropped Out Of Yet Another Ultra. 

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6 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    fuck it, least you tried matt.
    You cant win every race, or battle.
    Just remember hows far youve come, plus youve only just done an ultra so maybe your body is saying too much too soon.
    Remember as well, even though your in a better place than where you started, your still on the recovery journey yourself.
    Try not to beat yourself up too much, listen too your body, theres a reason it didnt want to go on.

  2. CJ says:

    What Mike said!

  3. Ana says:

    From an ultra runner to another: give yourself a break and move on. We’ve all been there. You have not let anybody down. Very few people in the whole wide world have the guts and physical ability to race ultras. Yet we tend to put ourselves under ridiculous pressure and demand amazing feats from our bodies on a regular basis. I also struggled during a 56-km race a couple of weeks ago when I nearly dropped out oat km 25, plagued by negative, destructive thoughts. Amazingly I managed to pick myself up and continued and although I made all the cut offs throughout a grueling course I missed out on the final one. I managed to cross the finish line, 6 minutes after the final cut off which made me miss out on a medal. I am gutted that my mind got on the way of me successfully completing that race and I am determined not to allow this to happen again. Mental toughness is a skill that I have not yet mastered but I will continue to work on it for as long as it takes. And anyway Matt, the only thing that really counts is that you are not drinking today.

  4. Mike says:

    I dont know if its every human, or runners in particular that seem to have problems with negative thoughts so i googled it and it seems runners asre prone ast least.
    Who’d a thunk it?

  5. Mike says:

    Matt read this, explains negative thoughts, depression quite well i think.

  6. Nono Runner says:

    Put that behind you. See you at the L2B.

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