Dreams And Adventures

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  1. Mikeb says:

    Correct. Remember its all to draw you back into the game, make you dependant again through ilness or debt etc…keep your eyes open.
    Keep away, and remember to love yourself, value yourself, be proud of yourself and your achievments because you did them nobody else.
    Its easy to think bad of yourself, we all do it.
    Its the hardest thing to do but everytime you think a negative thought, think about a positive thing youve done and think about that.
    Youve stopped drinking, youve lost the weight, your an author.
    Doesnt matter if you only see a few improvements, its better now than where you were.
    Lifes not like disney sept for a lucky few. If your like me, lifes a battle every goal hard won.
    But when you win a goal, you did it, you achievedremember that.

    • Matt says:

      ta mike i am trying to stop my mind altogether. to be entirely mindless. like one of those wee wanker foxes around tottenham.

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