Day 3 of 30 – Do You Ever Have A Midnight Feast?

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3 Responses

  1. Kelly S says:

    Can you split the difference? Log half the calories on each day?
    Ultimately it probably doesn’t matter as long as your two day total is ok?

  2. Mike says:

    I think its hard convincing a brain whos body used to over indulge that it doesnt actually need those calories anymore. I read a scifi novel years ago that was along the lines of you could holiday anywhere in the universe on alien planets by simply transporting your “brain” into another alien species on other planets, effectivley body swapping.
    In a way thats what we’ve done. In my case I was 15-16 stone now im usually 13 still moving slowly down… But the brains going “im not dieting im still 15 stone fuck you.”15 stone brain in dieters body hmmmm conflict i think…
    I still have the snackies where im wondering the house desperatly trying to resist the sweeties in the cupboard. I gave in last night and had a snack but it was a pile of mushrooms on 1 slice of bread. Sort of failed sort of better than sweeets….meh. Keep trying thats all we can do, retrain the brain i think is the key.

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