Day 25 – I Walked La Rambla With Real Intent

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  1. mike says:

    Tis true about the heart rate.
    I was being a cocky twat at the start of December and slipped down some wooden steps breaking my arm, I’m now replete with plate and screws
    when I went to A and E after have it set, they connect you to the heart monitor for some reason. my heart rate kept setting the low heart rate alarm off, and the doc said it was because I was running so much. Apparently its very good for the heart.
    It sort of happened all at once as well, I was running, semi struggling heart pounding away and one day I noticed, well nothing, I seriously thought for a few weeks, “shit have I broken something is it not working properly anymore?” Seems a bit like your body parts try and make you stop along with your brain sometimes then just go “right fuck it, I tried to stop you, you have the better body then, see if I fucking care” At the time I was only run/walking 10 miles so its probably a distance thing maybe? I can see sprinters hearts and distance runners hearts being different in the way they’d utilize oxygen.

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