Day 21 – No Such Thing As Junk Miles

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  1. mike says:

    I’m running to lose weight. I’ve been run/walking roughly 30mile a week for over a year before just now ( a month ago) transitioning to full time running the same distance only 9.60 miles Monday, Wednesday and friday not like your uber miles matt.
    Sometimes like today I’ve had a day of rest because when I ran on monday it was horrible and i knew I was coming down with something.
    today I awoke with a sore throat… lovely.hopefully ok for Fridays run.
    I still cant say I really enjoy running though, I love the losing weight, quite like monitoring my calories coz I really was a calorie king before.
    I’m still waiting for this runners high, or to be able to actually enjoy the run. I love the achievement of being able to run 9.60 miles non stop, don’t have any urges to enter competitions, runs etc and am a solo runner. I’m definitely not a born runner and if your one of those runners I see effortlessly sailing around the roads….I hate you bastards… not really I;m just jealous…

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