Day 24 – Admitting To The Last Great Addiction That I Want To Remove

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  1. mike says:

    It takes a while Matt, with speed it makes you feel great, well it did me, it made me be the person I wasn’t normally. Normally I was a grumpy twat, found it hard to come out of my shell and talk to other people let alone be happy with myself, and it changed who I was to the other sociable person.
    I suppose same as alcohol its not really you, its a front because sooner or later you always do shit on it you regret, maybe not at the time but it comes back to haunt you like fluck.
    I stopped cold, I felt like shit for months because I’d been putting that shit in it takes a while for the body to get rid and get used to its own fuel again.Then slowly the energy and your real body comes back, because for ages its been a fake you. you then realize you cant buy the you you want in a /bag/bottle it has to come from you, all by yourself. I started by pretending I was this social person, this happy all the time guy and eventually it sort of became another part of my personality that I can turn on off depending etc… It is me but not if you get me.
    in the rehab places they normally do the reducing the dose gradually because it has less of an effect say half of what you normally have for a month then half of that for a month then half again etc… good luck and don’t kill yourself fella.

  2. mike says:

    forgot to say, if you need to talk about anything, drop me a line and I’ll help as much as I can,
    even if its just to call you a twat.
    cheers big ears.

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