Day 19 – Momentum And Why It’s Important To Continue With This

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  1. mike says:

    I’m now 85 kg dead which is 13.38 stone. I’m 48, 49 this march.
    last time I was anywhere near 13 stone was when i was like 15-16 ish.
    my average weight for years was 15 and a half stone, going up to 16 whereby I’d diet a little to get back down to 15 and a half.
    I literally used to do zero exercise and kid myself I was ok and fit… Last year I realized that I was actually kidding myself and started the run walking to now being able to run non stop for 16k
    i calorie count on my moby with the fat secret app, its not brill but it allows me to keep tabs on my calorie intake as I want to get down t to say 13 stone with no jiggly belly pork (still got a tiny bit to get rid of) I love da food cant deny it, sweeties, crisps. chocolate…
    hard work watching your weight, calories etc… but worth it in the end when you look back at how far you’ve come. Try not to be to hard on yourself if you mess it up sometimes though, we all do it, to err is human as they say. Your doing well matt, you should be proud of yourself, hell we spend loads of time being pissed off with ourselves when we fail, nothing wrong with being pleased and proud when we achieve something worthwhile.

  2. Philly Crosby says:

    Hi – I’m just wondering if the chart you posted is actually what you ate that day, and typically eat? Have you thought about paying attention to nutrition? Cutting out junk has made a big difference to me, physically and emotionally, and motivationally. I recommend exploring it before you dismiss it outright..

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