Day 16 – Building Momentum With My Deficit And A Rant About Clean Eating Hippies.

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3 Responses

  1. mike says:

    hey, live life for you not others, as the saying goes if you bothered by what others think of you, you’ll forever be their prisoner.
    I’m privileged in that I’m not addicted to alcohol so can take or leave it so tonight, Friday ill have several vodka and cokes mmm. and maybe tomorow i dont know, BUT that wasn’t the way with speed a few years ago.. ahem…very Moorish that shit. so i know how it can be.
    i’ve only recently graduated from run walking because that’s the way i was taught years ago and had to take the leap a month ago to non stop running. i can now run 16k non stop three times a week so far, don’t know if I’ll ever be a daily runner i don’t seem to have that much enthusiasm for it. i like it but at 100 minutes for 16k that’s about as much as im willing to spend on running three times a week. BUT if your ever around Manchester give me an email, id love to have a run with you. cheers big ears.

  2. Ana says:

    Hey Matt. Don’t listen to these idiots. You are doing great. these trolls are just toxic, judgemental arseholes with nothing better to do. I have always been impressed by your honesty and by your willingness to show vulnerability through what its clearly a challenging process. It takes guts to do that publicly. So power to you and bollocks to the trolls. Btw, I’m loving your daily blogging streak

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