Day 14 – For A Bad Day This Was A Pretty Good Day.

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  1. Chris says:

    That closing line is so amazingly dead on! I have been in a bit of the same boat lately. Slacked off a little over the Holidays and getting back into the normal training routine for my next Half Marathon has been a bit of a challenge.

    I am finally back up to running my usual 5 days a week, but when I go on my long runs I usually end up walking parts of it at the end even though I am running them slower than normal at the beginning. Is it possible I really am just struggling due to the lack of miles in December and January, maybe, but it usually ends up with me making excuses like, ‘well it is a bit windy today’ or ‘maybe you are just tired from a long week, so it is OK to walk, you will do better tomorrow’

    And then my next long run is exactly the same, start out feeling OK but a little slow and then a mile from the end having no motivation to continue. I think part of it is that weight loss kept me going the last two years and now that I am closing in on my goal weight that motivation isn’t there anymore and maintaining my current weight has been easy as long as I continue to log meals and do SOME kind of running. Part of me wishes I hadn’t signed up for another race so soon and I could go down to a casual 3-4 days of doing 5k runs to maintain my weight and focus energy on other activities rather than having that constant burden of “you MUST run 6, 8, 10 miles today because what if you don’t improve your time in your next race?”

    So yeah, I totally get it. Even on days when I am like, I don’t want to run today, my legs do carry me forward and would probably make me faster than last year, but by the end of a run my brain is trying to go back to it’s old ways of “at least your exercising, go reward yourself with a snack you overachiever”

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