Celebrating My Long Run Today With A Domino’s Pizza.

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3 Responses

  1. I’ve never known such desperation for a pizza! have some veg with it! you know it’s right – lots of fruit and dried fruits, & nuts, porridege (not on the pizza, just something different for other meals) – give your body some fuel for RUNNING stop putting water in the tank instead of 4* and no more pussy-footing around at 10/mi 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    It would be good if I could find a vegetable pizza. I’m gonna stop with the Domino’s I think. Woke up this morning thinking I had the fucking bends.

  3. Hey, you break all the rules and still run long distances so hats off to ya. I’m not fanatical about food (not yet) but I thought I’ll have to watch what I’m eating before/after runs if I want to run faster,longer etc, I completely changed from junk food to “healthy diet” but then lose the plot at weekends and drowned my brain in Stella! The times when I’ve been good though and folloed the “runners diet” avoided gallon containers of Stella and trained hard – my runs just felt fucking ace and when I pushed for extra pace my body responded – if you like running now on the food you eat you’ll think you’ve dropped an E when you run on good food !! – then its all about deciding what’s good food and what isn’t (once or twice a week have pizza, but have lean meats, pasta, rice, curries and veggies etc) – and watch the weight drop off, you won’t believe it

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