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My Experience With Weight Watchers Online Explained.

In order to keep my weight in order I use Weight Watchers Online regularly.

I’ve always struggled with my weight somewhat. I first started Weight Watchers in 2007 when I was around 17 stone. I followed it using a WW application that I’d bought and found following the system easy and effective. Back then I walked as my main form of exercise.

Over 3 months I lost 2 stone and got down to 15 stone.

How To Start Weight Watchers Online. Is Weight Watchers Any Good?

If you want to lose weight, then yes. You will get as much from the program as you put into it. Following the system is easy. You get an allocated amount of ProPoints per day that you can spend on food, along with an extra weekly points allowance of 49 which you can spend on anything.

The Weight Watchers Food Tracker does all of the hard work for you. You simply enter what you ate into the tracker and it’ll figure out how many daily points you have left.

You also gain Activity Points for exercising. At the minute I receive approximately 6 ProPoints for an hour long jog, but that figure will likely vary for you depending on your weight.

You then weigh yourself on your tracking day and if you’ve been good you’ll likely lose weight.

How Much Is Weight Watchers Online A Month? Is The Weight Watchers Plan Worth It?

Yes. It’s only £11 for a month. For that price you gain full access to their website including recipes, support forums and online tools.

One of the best things about the online program are the badges you receive as you lose weight. On the Weight Tracker you will show a list of badges you’ve received once you lose a certain amount of weight.

These are then presented to you automatically once you weigh in. This provided a huge incentive for me to continue on with the diet.

Why Was The Weight Watchers Diet Unsuccessful In The Long Run?

It wasn’t unsuccessful. I simply gave up caring for my health.

I started back on the programme in January 2010 and over the course of a year I lost well over 3 stone. I now try to learn as much as I can from the program and apply it to my everyday eating.

I know that Weight Watchers and healthy living in general are a way of life, rather than something you practice for a few months and then give up on once you’re tired of it all.