Category: Where Can I Buy Withings Body Fat Wifi Scales?

Where Can I Buy Withings Body Fat Wifi Scales?

You can buy the Withings Scales here

I'm still loving my Withings after buying them in 2010. So far I've lost over 60lbs with them and I hope to lose another 20lb.

Withings Are A Digital Bathroom Scale That Allow You Track Your Weight Over Wifi Without Any Hassle

Once you step on the Withings scales they automatically connect to your computer via wifi and update your weight online.

Not only this but you can set up multiple accounts for each member of your family. The Withings scales are clever enough to recognise who is standing on the scale based upon body makeup.

It's so much handier to have a set of scales that keep track of not just your weight, but your body fat and lean mass without you having to do a thing.

In the bad old days I'd have had to keep a spreadsheet to keep up to date with this. After a few weeks of recording my weight, I'd just give up. You cannot give up with the Withings Wifi Scales.

It remembers every time you step on it.

The Withings Wifi Body Fat Scales Are The Most Accurate Bathroom Scales I've Had

With the Withings there is no guesswork with your weight. I've compared them to the scales at my doctors and local pharmacy and they are remarkably accurate.

I've even tried weighing myself on my friends set of Withings and my weight  and body fat readings were accurate to within 0.05%.

If you're serious about your weight loss efforts, then the Withings are an excellent investment. There is nothing worse than weighing yourself on a pair of inaccurate scales only to find out that they are reporting that you're lighter than you really are.

You need to be in the know to keep motivated otherwise it's easy to get discouraged.

When Should You Weigh Yourself?

I weigh myself first thing every Friday morning after I use the bathroom with my Withings scales which automatically upload my weight, body fat and BMI to the internet so that I don't have to bother keeping a manual record.

Keeping Track Of Your Weight Online With Withings Wifi Scales

When you buy the Withings scales, you gain access to a historical view of your weight, body fat and lean mass just so you can see that you're not quite as fat as you once were.

Withings Body Fat Scales Provide You With Weight Loss Motivation

If you've been following Angry Jogger you'll know that I post a weekly update including my current weight, body fat and lean mass percentages.

All of the work is done for me by the Withings scales. They can even talk to Twitter and Facebook and manually and your weight to the world.

You can even embed your weight loss progress in your blog or Facebook account like I've done here.

If that does not provide you with motivation to try harder with weight loss, then nothing will.

Should You Weigh Yourself With Or Without Clothes On?

It's up to you.

If you opt to weigh yourself with clothes on then you need to make sure that you're wearing the same type of clothing each time you go to the scales. There's no use in weighing yourself in a beekeeper's outfit one week and then in a t-shirt and underpants the next.

You won't get consistent results that way.

It's easier to just do it first thing and weigh yourself in your underwear.

Is It Wrong To Weigh Yourself After A Big Meal?

It depends. If you eat the same meal at the same time every week, then I guess it would be OK to weight yourself then.

Most people don't eat the exact same portion sizes every week, which is why I recommend weighing yourself at the same time, every week.

I weigh myself every Friday morning on my Withings Scales after I've used the toilet.

It Is A Bad Idea To Weigh Yourself Every Day!

When I first started my weight loss journey I'd be on and off the scales like a mad man to see if I'd lost any weight since the last time I checked.

Invariably I hadn't and this would make me question the validity of my diet.

Talk about insane!

Your weight will fluctuate naturally throughout the course of the day. You will not get any meaningful results if you weigh yourself at different points in your daily routine.

That's why it's crucial to select a specific time to weigh yourself and to stick with it over the course of months.

Will You Lose Weight If You Starve Yourself For A Day?

Probably, but I wouldn't recommend it.

You'd lose weight in the short term but then when you can handle it no longer, you'll go on a binge and eat everything in sight.

The only way to lose weight permanently is to monitor your calories and/or take up a fun sport like jogging!

If it can work someone with no willpower like me, then it can for you too.

Besides, weighing yourself after a day long fast will give you strange results. Once your resume a normal diet your body will hold onto the food and that'll make you feel 100x worse than you did before.

You Should Lose Weight For Your Own Reasons Not To Impress Others

If you're being victimised over your weight and are thinking of losing weight to gain their acceptance, then you need to think again.

You should lose weight because you want to and for no-one but yourself. Even if you get down to your target weight, the idiots who hurt you in the past will still be there and will find something new to ridicule you over.

Recognise these idiots for what they, dickheads.

Be careful over accepting compliments from other people. If you believe the compliments you receive, you'll also believe the insults.

Know who you are and be happy and balanced in that.

I Used To Be 270lbs

In the not so distance past I was pretty fat, 270lbs in fact in December 2009. I remember one of my turning points was when I went to Urban Outfitters thinking that it was a store for fat people like myself. When I turned up and saw that it was a hipster store I was seriously aggrieved. False advertising or what?

I lost weight slowly on Weight Watchers from January 2010 onwards. By March I was down to about 250lbs. By July 230lbs. I spent July and August backpacking in Europe and put on 2lbs in the process. From then until December my weight went down to about 215lbs.

Now my weight varies between 200lbs and 210lbs. I still weigh myself every week and try to have at least a few days of healthy eating a week. It can be tough going as I am an emotional eater. Whenever I feel depressed or bored I will happily eat myself into a stupor and feel guilty afterwards.

How Do You Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight?

The biggest step is the first one. It also happens to be the most difficult. Admitting you have a weight problem can be both humiliating and embarrassing, but it's necessary if you're to change your life.

I was personally terrified of what the scales would say when I weighed myself for the first time in 2 years in December 2009. I wouldn't have been surprised if I was over 300lb at the time. Fortunately it wasn't that bad.

Once you've stepped on the scales for the first time, you can start to make a plan to change your life. You don't have to feel down about your size. Feeling like shit will only make you wanna eat like shit.

Instead, resolve to make small changes to your lifestyle, like counting your daily calorie intake, joining a program like Weight Watchers or exercising a little more.

How Come You Jog So Much But Don't Seem To Lose Any Weight?

If you've followed my weight loss journey you'll know that I've had a lot of ups and downs when it comes to weight loss.

I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to weight. I'll happily jog 12 miles in a day and then go and devour 5,000 calories over a 24 hour period.

I'm still trying to find the balance wherein I can eat what I want and maintain a healthy BMI.

I will get there one day if I persevere with this.

Is There Anything Wrong With Being Fat?


Some just get trapped into a cycle of overeating that they can't break out of. I used to feel bad about myself and my weight and I'd eat to feel better as I associated food with feeling comfortable within myself.

In order to break out of that cycle, you need to subscribe to a wholesale lifestyle change rather than a diet. If you diet, then you might well lose a few pounds but the weight will come back on once you're stopped.

That is why I champion running so much. It's something that I enjoy doing and I've made many friends through it. The thought of running in events like the Great North Run in September 2012 excites the hell out of me.

Are Most Fat People Lazy?

A common misconception and a false one at that.

Some of the hardest working people I know are fat whereas I am of average weight and I'm lazy as hell. I might run 40 miles a week but I try to do it in the laziest way possible. I barely move. Then once I'm finished I'll come home and crash and do little for the rest of the day.