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The Anniversary Of The Great Dublin/Barcelona Debacle And An Excellent 13.5 Mile Run!

A Fine 13.5 Mile Run, A Week Ahead Of The Great Birmingham Run.

Positive Thinking Didn’t Help Today On My Long Run. Not Thinking At All Did.

Just Because It’s Been A Bad Running Week So Far Doesn’t Mean It Has To End That Way.

No Running Since Sunday/Monday. I Have Been A Right Lazy Bastard.

Celebrating My Long Run Today With A Domino’s Pizza.

I Am Shitting Myself Before Running The Waterside Half Marathon 2012

Double Running Session Today. Closing In On 200 Miles For The Month With One Day Left.

8 Mile Run Today In 82 Minutes Without Any Pain In My Knee Whatsoever

First Half Marathon Ran In Training Since April. 13.15 Miles In 2:15.

6.7 Mile Rainy Hill Run Today In 65 Minutes.

Finally Managed To Average Under A 10 Minute Mile For The First Time In 3 Months.

A 7 Mile Run In The Pouring Rain. Bless My Cotton Shirt.

8.1 Mile Long Run To Cap Off A 32 Mile Week.

One Year Ago Today (Or Yesterday Rather!) I Had One Of My Most Formative Runs.

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12.3 Mile Long Run With Only 3 Weeks Until The Great Scottish Run 2012.

A Little Bit Of ‘Speedwork’ And Hill Training Today.

My Race Pack For The Great North Run 2012 Arrived Today

Another 11.2 Mile Long Run In The Rain And A 50+ Mile Week.

A Rest Day Ahead Of Another Long Run On Sunday

Another 10K Run In The Soaring Northern Irish Heat! Hoping Now To Do Three Half Marathons In September.

Two Runs Today To Make 28 Miles This Week So Far

7 Mile Run Today At A Slightly Faster Pace Of 10:16 Min / Mille – 41 Miles For The Week So Far

6.4 Mile Run And Running Is Getting Easier Again Thankfully

On Following My Own Half Marathon Training Schedule Without Long Runs

Run 1000 Miles In 2012 – Mission Accomplished!

Ran Twice In One Day Again – A Good 10K And A Poor 5K. Hit The Wall On Final Run.

The Pace For A Sub Two Hour Half Marathon Is 9:09 Min/Mile! This Is My New Target Time For The Great Scottish Run 2012.

Two Day Break From Running And My 4.3 Mile Comeback Run. Complete With Another Migraine Headache.

A Bad Tempered And Sweaty 5 Mile Run At Noon. 10:32 Min/Mile Pace. Getting Slower!

Keeping Running Interesting – A 6.2 Mile Hilly Run In The Country – 10 Weeks Until The Great North Run 2012!

6.23 Mile Run In 64 Minutes After Having Pepperoni Pizza For Breakfast This Morning!

Easy 6.6 Mile Run – 1000 Calories Burned At An Average Running Pace Of 5.8mph

7 Mile Run – Achieved Flow For The Entire Run. My Best Jog For Some Time, Particularly In Rainy Weather.

5.4 Mile Run at 10:30 min/mile Again. 9400 Steps So Far Today On My FitBit Ultra Device

My 9 Day Running Streak Continues – 6.2 Miles In 65 Minutes – Entered The Great Scottish Run 2012

Ran Twice In One Day For The First Time In About A Week

Another 5 Mile Run – I’ve Now Ran Every Day This Week At The Same Average Jogging Pace (Roughly 5.8 mph).

Ran Twice In A Day – 9.5 Miles In Total – 1400 Calories Burned At An Average Jogging Speed Of 5.8 mph.

Another Excellent Run, Free From The Pain Of Runner’s Knee At Last!

Running Is Suddenly Difficult Again After My Runners Knee Problems

I’ve Been Running In The Rain Just To Get Wet On Purpose.

May Is Over – I Failed To Hit My Run 150 Miles In A Month Target..

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Ran 50 Miles This Week So Far – An Excellent Week All Around. Apart From The Nipple Chaffing ..

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Ran The Longest Distance I’ve Ever Ran In A Training Slow Run – 19.2 Miles

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