Category: How To Prevent Chafing With Running Using Bodyglide Anti-Chafing Stick Balm As A Lubricant

Where To Buy Bodyglide Lubricant In The UK

You can buy it online here from Simply Sweat. If you’ve had problems with chafing in the past, you’ll know how frustrating it can be.

Bodyglide is an absolute god send for runners.

Reducing The Horrors Of Thigh Chafing When Running Overweight

My biggest obstacle whilst running overweight was thigh chafing. I’d start the run feeling OK and by a mile in my legs would start rubbing together because of all of the excess fat in that area.

If I was on a 3 or 4 mile run it wasn’t so bad, but on a long distance jog it would quickly become a nightmare.

I would start waddling and I’d feel embarrassed as well as being in a lot of pain.

Thankfully I found out about Bodyglide and I still apply it to my thighs to this day on long runs.

If you’re a beginning overweight runner and are experiencing thigh chafing, don’t fret, the pain will start to diminish as you lose weight.

How To Stop Chafing Around Your Ass As You Run

I already run like I’ve shit myself, so you can imagine that it’s in my interests to try to diminish any chaffing around there or any of my other key areas.

That is why I butter myself up with Bodyglide before hand. You are better safe than sorry on a long run. You won’t know how bad chaffing is around those sensitive areas until you experience it.

Seriously, that shit can totally ruin your race.

What Can You Do To Prevent Your Nipples From Chaffing When You Run?

Firstly I avoid wearing nylon tops.

Secondly I make sure that I apply ample amounts of Bodyglide around my nipples, especially if it’s raining outside.

If I’m starting a run and my nipples are already tender from previous friction, I’ll wear a dark coloured top and a plaster just incase that start bleeding again.

I would not want this happening to me on a long run again.

My Bleeding Nipple Chafing Horror Story After The Cardiff Half Marathon

I’d ran out of my skin for the entire race and was feeling fantastic throughout.

I ended up with a personal best of 2:11 (slow I know, but still). Triumph quickly turned to defeat when I stared down at my chest. My shirt had a really thick blood stain on the right nipple.

I had forgot to apply Bodyglide that morning. The oddest thing is that I experienced zero physical discomfort during the race itself. It only started to hurt when I glimpsed down.

I spent 2 hours in Cardiff afterwards limping around like a crab with a whelk stuck up it’s ass.

From that race on I ensure that my entire body is covered in Bodyglide as the risk of chafing and having a bad time is too great to risk.

Using Body Glide As A Means To Prevent Blisters When Trying Out New Trainers.

Typically I will wear a pair of trainers for between 500-1000 miles and will only stop using them when they are visible falling out.

Apart from saving money, it also saves me the pain of blisters. Whenever I’m wearing in a new pair of shoes, it will take at least 100 miles for the blisters to stop forming.

Recently I’ve started covering my feet in Bodyglide during race events as there’s little worse than having to contend with blisters in distance running, especially if you’ve bought a new pair of shoes for a race.

By the way, if you’re planning to wear new shoes during a marathon – don’t. Plan well in advance when you’ll buy new trainers. Make sure that you wear them in for 100-200 miles in training before a race to ensure they are right for you.