Category: Race Experiences & Events

Nothing beats the atmosphere of a half or full marathon.

In this category you'll read all about my running adventures thus far and my plans for more to come in the future.

If you're a runner and you haven't experienced a race yet, then you're seriously missing out. They are amazing for tying your training routine together and do wonders for your motivation.

My ultimate goal like many runners is to run the London Marathon within the next 5 years. I love London and I love marathons, so it's a perfect match!

How To Find A Half Marathon Or Marathon Race That Want To Run

Personally I use to find suitable races. You can filter events by race type, month and location.

If I'm running races overseas I'll typically follow these steps.

  • Enter the race online through the events website if it is within my budget and I've enough time to train for it.
  • Check the cost of flights and book them if they are cheap enough.
  • Attempt to locate accommodation that it close to the starting line of the race. This is extremely important as I've made the mistake of staying 20 or 30 miles from where an event begins, meaning that there's an absolute panic on race morning. You can use Hostel World for hostels and Tripadvisor for hotels.