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Hilly Half Marathon Training Run In 2 Hours 14 Minutes.

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206.6 Miles For August 2012 And Last Minute Preparation For The Great Scottish Run 2012

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5.2 Mile Run In The Rain – Jumping In The Puddles Isn’t As Fun As It Was When I Was 5.

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A Slow Easy 10K Run In Warm Weather Whilst Nursing A Jogging Niggle…

No Motivation To Run, Exercise Or Follow The Weight Watchers Online ProPoints Plan Today.

7.4 Mile Run In 76 Minutes. Takes Me Up To 50 Miles This Week. Out Of Weight Watchers ProPoints Altogether Again…

6 Mile Run In Training At A Time Of 61 Minutes – 900 Calories Burned And Another 6 Weight Watchers Activity Points.

Ran 6 Miles In Just Over An Hour And Earned 6 Weight Watchers Activity ProPoints For Jogging.

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My 18 Week Marathon Training Schedule Is Completed. Now To Just Finish The Belfast City Marathon In Under 5 Hours..

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