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Jogging Benefits For Weight Loss, Mental Health and Life itself!

In here I’ll discuss the benefits of jogging and how it has improved my both my mental and physical health and how it can improve your life too.

Running Has Made Me Feel Much More Positive About The Future.

Before I started running I was quite depressed. I would rarely go out and was close to hitting 280lbs.

Nowadays my weight varies between 200 and 210lbs. My diet could be better but I feel fantastic most of the time. When I was bigger I’d be continually struck down with colds and chest infections. Today, I rarely get even a head cold even though I run constantly and cold wet weather.

I’m not gonna say I’m 100% cured from feeling low, but running daily really improves my mental as well as my physical health.

When I come back from a run I actually feel like anything is impossible. Whilst my body make be tired, my mind is alert and I can focus on everyday issues with clarity.

Running Will Help You Feel In Control Of Your Life

In the past I’ve felt that my life was spiralling out of control for one reason or other. I felt hugely frustrated that I was seemingly unable to leave my mark on the world and get my shit together.

Running has put an end to those hopeless feelings and adds structure and joy to my routine.

I have a get-up-and-go attitude now. Before I’d have just grimly accepted my ‘fate’.

Now I accept that I’m the only person with the ability to improve my own life. I’m in control whilst I’m still running.

Benefits Of Running Daily For Fitness

I try to run every day of the week if my body feels fit for it. It gives a structure to my day and if the run goes well then I’ll be in a great mood until early evening at least.

When I was obese I felt lethargic all day long. Now that i run every day, energy courses through my body. I feel great in general.

I love running in the morning as it ensures that I can eat a big lunch or dinner without feeling any guilt whatsoever.

But it’s without question that running has improved both my physical and mental strength considerably.

Running To Overcome Depression. Jogging Is A Natural Anti Depressant!

The problem with anti depressants is that they are a chemical solution to a natural problem.

Once you stop taking anti depressants, then all your old mental ailments come back in force. They don’t help you tackle your underlying problems.

That’s why I feel that running is the best anti-depressant on earth. It makes you feel better in the short term, but also equips you with the mental tools to see your problems in context. You no longer feel hopeless and solutions outweigh the difficulties you perceive in life.

Before I started running I felt that I was a passenger in life. Now I’ve taken the steering wheel and can go wherever I fucking want.

Running can also tackle the underlying causes of depression. For me I felt down on myself because of my weight. Now that I run daily, I feel that I’ve got that 100% under control.

Running Benefits – It Allows You To Combat Stress At Work And At Home!

Ever feel like you could punch a hole in your boss’s face?

Then you aren’t alone.

Running is an excellent way to escape the pressures of work and family life. By ridding yourself of all the negativity that a day in the office entails, you’re doing yourself and your family a tremendous service.

After all, it’s much better to tread on the road than on a senior managers face.

In my last job I’d regularly go for a light jog at lunch and it would improve my problem solving skills substantially whilst allowing me to see any team/departmental problems in context. I’d come back feeling happier, lighter and more eager to resolve any outlying issues.

Running Makes You Feel Full Of Energy

When I was 270lbs, I always felt like shit. I hated going to work as I’d feel like falling asleep at any time I was that tired. After coming home from work all I wanted to do was sleep and eat. The thought of going back to work filled me with trepidation as I knew what lay in store for me.

Now that I run every day, I feel that I can tackle any problem. I have boundless energy. So much so that I even struggle to sleep sometimes. In fact if there’s one downside to running for me, it’s that I struggle to snooze because running gives me that much more energy.

It’s as if I want to experience more of life all of the time. Sleep almost seems like a bitter waste!

The Benefits Of Running And Fundraising

Running for charity is an excellent way to help pay tribute to someone close to you who is currently dealing with an illness.

Conditions like cancer, COPD and heart disease can leave you and your loved ones feeling helpless. Jogging in aid of foundations who support those with these afflictions can make you feel that you’re contributing to a better future for the ill, whilst improving your own health.

I personally run in aid of cancer charities whenever I can. In the past I’ve ran for Macmillan Cancer (Belfast Marathon 2011) and am running the Great North Run for Cancer Research.

Jogging Improves My Mental Health By Taking My Mind Off Things

When I’m running the only thing that matters in my life is continuing.

All of the other issues that were niggling in the back of my mind seem so small and yet I seem so big in comparison to them. Running is an excellent way to create a future that is much rosier than the past. In essence, with every run I complete I take one step away from the person who I was and another towards the human that I have the potential to be.

For a long time I’ve felt uncertain about my career path and it’s been a cause of much concern for me. But it doesn’t seem to matter when I run. My lack of direction with work, no longer takes center stage whilst running remains a huge part of my life.

Running Will Help You Feel Better About Yourself

If you haven’t experienced the ever elusive runner’s high, then you are missing out! When it hits it is an incredible rush and can leave you feeling great for days.

I love the feeling I have directly after a positive run. My mindset and outlook are much more positive. I can see the bigger picture without being bogged down by silly mental hangups that don’t ultimately matter.

That’s why I now feel like I’m at my best when my running is going well. If I’ve haven’t been jogging enough I can feel my mind seizing up and returning to destructive thought patterns.

Running unlocks your potential whilst closing the door firmly on your past.

Entering Races & Collecting Medals

One of the main reasons I enter half marathons is that I love collecting medals.

There’s nothing better than finishing a race, wearing your medal around your neck and being proud of your achievement.

People seem to treat you with more respect when you have a piece of metal hanging down from your neck. It kinda defies explanation but I enjoy the feeling regardless.

Benefits Of Taking A Break From Running

I take a week long break from running every few months, using it to relax and reflect on far I’ve came so far in my running journey.

I love booking a holiday in the sun and training to try to look my best on it. This motivates me even more throughout the rest of the season.

You don’t have to completely cease training on your break weeks. When on vacation I try to get in a few 3-5 mile runs to just orientate myself in the resort.

Benefits Of Jogging Outside Versus Running On The Treadmill In A Gym

  1. You don’t have to set an incline, you can run up and down hills as they come.
  2. You are actually going somewhere instead of essentially jogging on the spot. You can commute to work, run to the shop or just go on a mystery tour.
  3. Jogging outside is far less boring than running on the treadmill. You aren’t as likely to be interrupted by others when outside.
  4. There is nothing like running outdoors when the sun is rising or setting. You miss out on much of the beauty of nature if you’re indoors.
  5. Fartlek sessions are entertaining outside. I love giving myself the challenge of sprinting to the next block, instead of sprinting for the next x seconds or y calories on the treadmill. It’s much easier to naturally switch your pace in the great outdoors.

Benefits Of Jogging As A Means Of Burning Calories Vs Walking

When I first tried to get fit I’d sometimes go on 10 mile walks that would seemingly go on all day. By the 5 mile point I just wanted to be home indoors.

With jogging, most of my sessions are over within an hour and by that time I’ll have covered 6 miles which will burn around 900 calories. If I walked for the same amount of time I’d only cover 3 miles, burning 300 calories.

Now that I’ve become better at running, I find that it’s much easier just to jog for a short time as opposed to walk for a longer period. Means that exercise doesn’t take up all of my day.

That said, I can still find time in my routine for walking. Every since buying the Fitbit Ultra pedometer I’ve been more willing to get outside when I can for a walk.

Benefits Of Hill Running Training

Like most beginners I dreaded running up hills. Seemed like too much work at the time for too little reward.

That was until I started running in the countryside. There’s a 11 mile trail route close to home that I jog around sometimes and it gets quite steep in places but after running around it I feel amazing.

Once you start training on hills, jogging gets much easier especially on flat ground. This allows you to run faster if you want to.

The greatest obstacle to successful hill running is the mental roadblock. If you believe that your hill training session will be difficult, your body will tense up and you’ll make it harder on yourself.

Slow down, relax and know that for every second you spend jogging uphill, the easier it will get for you in the long run.

Benefits Of Running A Marathon If You’re New To Running

Whilst many would argue that you need to have been a runner for at least 2 years before attempting a marathon, training for and completing a marathon can have great benefits in your life.

When I completed my first marathon I started considering what was possible. Previously I’d assumed I was just a fat and lazy I.T. geek who didn’t have any interest in physical activities.

After that race I knew I could do and be more. I was in change of my own life for once. I could go one of two ways. I could continue on with my training and do more than one marathon or I could give up and return to being a slob.

The latter just wasn’t an option for me.