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If you’re thinking of quitting running because it isn’t enjoyable, getting easier or you’ve just thought that it isn’t for you, then try not to be hasty with your decision.

I gave up on running in June 2011 and it was the worst decision I’ve ever made in my life. I’d just finished my first ever marathon and I was feeling extremely disillusioned as I wasn’t experiencing the extreme joy that you’re meant to encounter after completing the race.

I spent that month sitting on my ass feeling sorry for myself and I started drinking far too much alcohol again.

Starting to Run Again After Quitting Jogging

I started running again in July 2011 and to start with, it was extremely difficult. I didn’t realise it was possible to lose fitness so quickly! I made the decision to keep with running and to run at my own pace and for my own reasons.

I gave up on running as I thought it would make my life easier. I didn’t have to struggle anymore with long runs, speed work or worry about looming marathons anymore!

Ultimately quitting running made my life much more difficult as I was left with only two options, the first involved going back up to 280lbs and hating the world again or getting back into it and enjoying my life again.

Ever since then I haven’t given up on running again. I now know that it’s much easier to simply keep on running than to quit, struggle to regain my fitness and go through all of that pain again.

Keep on running and do it for yourself, not for anyone else!

Tips On How Not To Give Up On Running.

  1. Join a running club – You’re less likely to give up on the sport if you have lots of running friends.
  2. Instead of giving up altogether, go easier for a while – If you’re running too fast, slow down. If you’re bored with running too slow, try some interval sessions or enter a race.
  3. Go on a running break – Maybe you’re thinking of giving up on running simply because you’re exhausted. If this is the case, take a week or two away from running and enjoy your time off.
  4. Remind yourself of the life you led before you started running – If you started running to lose weight and become healthy, then giving up on your new lifestyle can often indicate that you’re gonna go back to how you were before. It won’t be an instant process, you’ll sink back gradually over time and before you know it, you’ll struggle to understand how you let things get so bad again.
  5. Make running fun – If you enjoy running, then you won’t want to give it up. For that reason you shouldn’t always challenge yourself to set new personal bests in races. Sometimes you’ve just gotta do it because it helps you relax. This is the very reason why I entered the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon in 2013.

It’s Natural To Want To Give Up On Running

I think at some point all of us think about giving up on running. It can be boring, tiresome and mentally challenging to say the least.

Whilst everyone else is tucked up in bed, we’re running around in the cold dark streets for seemingly no reason at all.

That’s why I think it is natural to want to give up on running altogether now and again. I used to feel ashamed for wanting to quit. But I soon learned that just because I thought of something, doesn’t mean that I necessarily have to carry through with it.

Nowadays when I think about quitting, I’m quick to accept that there’s something obviously wrong with my training schedule and change it up a little. If I’m feeling uninspired I’ll enter a new race distance or a large international marathon. If I’m drained, I’ll give myself the week off and teach my body how it feels to get absolutely no exercise.