Capitulating In The Month Leading To My Flight Back Home For Christmas & How My Next Flight Is Going To Be Different

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  1. shirley hill says:

    Hi Matt, I recently read your book for inspiration at my first marathon in belfast on Monday (which I successfully finished ). Your book was truly inspirational and as I live inn jordanstown I often ran to Carrick and around knocks your old haunts. Surely you’d consider another book for your up coming 100k? Your blog has me in stitches and keeps me motivated in my running

  2. sullybags says:

    Read your book Mark. Hilarious, sad and up lifting. Went through all that in my 30s too. Depression , boozing , running. Keep facking going mate! It gets better.

  3. Sebastien says:

    I’ll buy your book soon ! I’m 32 I did my second half this year in 1:41:14 now I train for a full and my goal is 3:30:00, I don’t know if I will be in this time but for now I enjoy running, that’s the most important thing I think. Keep up the good work, nobody care about your weight !

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