Birmingham to Burton 

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  1. Mikeb says:

    Your doing well matt, even trying the lejog is more than most will ever do. Especially as youve set a time limit.
    Its a hard challenge just walking or biking, you ould be proud of yourself, at let impressed with yourself for getting that far. You’ll love the manchester part, peak district or penines, lovely hilly views….
    Yorkshire dales… Haggis land. We’re all well impressed matt, its a journey of self discovery too.
    No-one likes everything about themselves, ive had this week off running because i did my first half on monday, tried running wednesday and my body said nahhhh. Really annoyed myself for not being superhuman and having to have recovery time. Taught me that im still a beginer and that im an idiot for expecting miracles from my body. If you feel bad matt look back on what youve achieved in just this lejog. The amount of mileage your doing is incredible. Everyone fucks up sometimes, youll know better about yourself and better planning for your next megger jaunt. You fucking hero.

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