As An Overweight Beginner Runner Will Chafing Stop When I Lose Weight And Run More Often?

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  1. Stefanie says:

    Thank you, Matt. I’m a former competitive athlete. Since being unemployed (3 years) and dealing with depression (long, long time), I’ve gained so much weight and am horrified at trying to exercise. Don’t think I’ll ever get back in shape. It’s so hard to stay motivated when I’m not productive. It’s also hard to stay motivated when I feel like crap when I do run. But it helps hearing your story and tips. I have to remind myself not to care about what others think. Now that I’m overweight, that’s mostly what is stopping me. I keep thinking how awful I look, so I hide, which obviously isn’t helping the physical activity side of it all. It helps to that it’s OK to be an “angry runner”; that I don’t have to be loving it and skinny to get out there. And it helps to hear you say “Fuck them” to anyone who wants to judge those who aren’t running for the fun of it, but to lose weight. Thanks for being an inspiration and for sharing!

  2. Allen says:

    Just to say that I find its all down to the material that’s over them , if I do run with a t shirt that I suspect may have the old nipple grating effect then I find a plaster over each nipple helps

  3. Toonz says:

    Trying to start running. Been walking for last two weeks burning 1500 calories a day now.
    All walks have been over 2 hours with the slowest speeds at 3.25miles/hour and the fastest at 3.5mph with a 10% incline on a treadmill.

    Chaffing is HORRIBLE. But I have learned from experience,
    1st get a chaffing cream. The kind that women use as an invisible base before putting on their base makeup.
    Called… Dimethicone
    In the U.S., Monistat makes a product specifically for chaffing:

    2nd get COMPRESSION shorts. Basically its spandex underwear.
    It will fit snug not choking and it will protect almost everything from chaffing except for just in the private area, that is where the gel comes in.

    I know, gross, TMI, but it may actually help someone, everyday I was coming home to bloody shorts and a following day of not being able to walk until the walking numbed it again. Chaffing can lead to very bad infections. Get the compression shorts, get the gel. Worth EVERY cent.

    At 6′ 1″ (185cm) , I started at 331 pounds.

    I will weigh myself on July 3rd but enjoy the visual difference, even though it still disgusts me.

    Any way, can someone ask me this?
    Even though I can walk at 3.5mph on the road for 7 miles trek, if I attempt to run 200 ft (Less than 5% of a mile), its very very HARD. I can feel the shin splints and the stress on the knees. How long do I have to walk before I can start running?

    Last time I was on the road, I decided to just run down hill about 200ft lengths. If I attempt to go further, I get head pressure, no headaches but pressure…

    Is it just a matter of THIS is my starting point that I’ll have to adjust to and then improve?

    • Liz says:

      Hey! Just reading through some online sites and saw your comment. I know it’s late, but I wanted to reply. If you’re having pain while running, it’s most likely a form issue. Read Chi running and work on your form. Don’t give up on it!

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