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  1. pip says:

    sorry me again! why are you taking imodium? is it cause you need to go when running? if so (i’m really not a middle class twat throwing advice; possibly just a twat) maybe try eating fibre (all-bran’s good to start) after you run and it might have gone through by the next run..

  2. NonoRunner says:

    Alternatively ,,, just get a dump out there. When I go on long runs at WE (anything above 1h) I now systematically pack toilet paper. Shit is part of running (*). Just embrace it. If you find public toilets, fantastic, if you have to resort to coffee shops, restaurants etc. well you’ll probably have to cough up the price of an expresso (train stations are great actually). If nothing is available … so many trees and bushes around …

    (*) as is peeing. That’s how you monitor your liquid intake. At the London 2 Cambridge last year I understood why I was in trouble when I saw the 8 ruby drops coming out….

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