An Impressive 20lbs Gained Since I Finished LEJOG.

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  1. Mikeb says:

    I use a piece of paper taped to the kitchen cupboard and write the calories down.
    You can go over the recomended amount so quick. BUT antidepressents make you eat more, just part and parcel of their effect. Ive gone back to a cutting diet, well cutting much I can anyway not being religious about it because I was eating properly putting weight on and I was exhausted running, go figure, so I thought not having that so started cutting kcals again only been a couple of days so far. If you keep to 1800 kcals a day it’ll come off with no exercise slowly. 3500 kcals is a pound of fat burned or stored depending if your eating too much. But I’m preaching to the choir here. Dont know why I’m so exhausted running, my legs have no go at the minute so I’m having this week off, cant figure out what I’m doing wrong. I run empty but i’ve always done that, did start having a few more beers at the weekend and it does correspond to the no energy… Maybe its just that? Seems a lot of this running lark is guesswork or human body faillure/weakness? One day you can be running like hermes, next time you run like an amputee… I dont get it.

  2. Paul says:

    I’m in that point at the moment. Not quite 20lbs but after having DNF the Thames Path Challenge because of a slipped disc. I have realised that my weight has slowly been creeping up this whole year. Which I think added to my issues.
    I kept on saying I’ll get back on tracking my food, get out running while follow a structured plan and actually start some strength work.
    All of which I’ll start tomorrow or the next day or Monday. Monday is a good day to start, so I’ll start next Monday. Have the weekend to “relax”, might as well finish up the crisps and snacks around the house. But it’s easier to really start at the start of a new month. fresh start and all that. I’ll start first Monday of next month and I’ll really stick to it.
    Then its suddenly October. I have done the square root of fuck all. I undertrained all year, I overate and haven’t dealt with any of the injuries that occurred, just wrote them off as minor injuries until they weren’t.
    So it starts today, not Monday, not next week, not next month. The snacking, the beers, the lack of any real training be it strength or running. It starts again today.
    12 weeks until the end of this year. Going to end this year stronger than I am today. The excuses and bullshit have to stop.

  3. Toastmonster says:

    Me too. Your story is our story, and lots of other people’s too. Hope your next run is a good one.

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