A Personal Best And Some Lessons Learned From My Difficult Brighton Half Marathon 2013 Experience.

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  1. Jo says:

    Well done on your PB and not giving up!

    That sounds just like my experience in the Great South Run last year. I arrived early with some friends – so early we stopped for a leisurely coffee and ended up being late. By the time I queued for the baggage area and the toilet I was late and had to run to the start line. (Am I the only one that has pre-race nightmares about not being able to find the start? It was like that.) One of my friends was in the start before me and ended up running with his backpack.
    I set off far too quick and faded big time in the last few miles – the part of the course where there are very few supporters and nothing to see but the sea and a 10ft wall. I’ve done that race 3 times now and always ‘hit the wall’ when I get to the 10ft wall. Quite apt. Still, I beat my PB but could have done so much better if I’d paced myself properly so I was happy and disappointed at the same time.
    I exited the finish area and didn’t know who or where I was. Looked in my finish pack for sustenance and found low calorie biscuits at which point anyone within earshot must have thought I had Tourettes. Somehow I found the way back to the baggage area and made it up the steps to reclaim my bag and the jaffa cakes within and the world seemed a much nicer place. Not only that, I found a warm carpeted area where I could lie down and stretch. Bliss!
    Then began the long, slow and extremely painful walk back to the car…

  2. Sarah F says:

    Well done on your new PB!! Woo woo!! Sounds like it was a hard won one, but if PBs were easy we’d be knocking them in every race … !! 🙂 Well done on doing without your Garmin too – I’d really, really struggle without mine – mentally as well as well as needing it to pace myself. It’s become one of my race superstitions now. Bands on one wrist, Garmin on the other, porridge for breakfast … Sounds like you did amazingly well.

  3. Fartleks the day before a race? OUCH!

    But… dizziness… for that long? You might want to see if you were suffering from dehydration, were having an exercise-induced asthma attack, or have some other medical issue that needs attention.

    Either way, congrats on the PR.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Always amazed you can have what you perceive is a lousy run and then when you check the pace or the finish time and your perception and mood changes instantly when the time is better than anticipated. Congrats on PB

  5. Shaz says:

    Am always amazed you can have what you perceive was a lousy run and then all that changes when you hear the time is better than anticipated. The mind is a funny thing. Congrats on PB

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