8 Ways Running Saved My Life

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, cunt! I’m crying now. Because I started running more often 4 years ago (maybe more?!), and I’ve had such a hard time keeping up with it. It clearly saved my life. Why can’t I remember that whenever I decide to say “fuck it” and not go running?

  2. AmyAcrossAmerica says:


    I completely appreciate your perspective…and your ability to voice things that most of us cannot.

    Thank you for your candidness…your transparency is inspiring…so many of us are still trying to rationalize/hide who we really are…f’ed up people who need to face the fact that how we are “coping/dealing” with life is a sham…

  3. Harlowe says:

    Next time you are out for a run trot yourself into a store and buy a dictionary. Calling anyone a cunt or continually using the work fuck only shows how little respect you have for yourself or anyone else…and yelling at a duck, seriously, that’s not venting, that’s telling the world that you are more than capable of abuse to animals!

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