8 Points To Inspire You As A Runner Into Living A Better Life Both Today And Tomorrow.

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  1. Robbie Dixon says:

    Great post. I too run (casually this past six months, I must confess), and can associate with many of your comments. But your message about not allowing your past dictate your future is one that runners should abide by. Running distance is hard, but you will get better with each run, and each run gets easier thereafter. Personally, I have completed 3 half marathons + 9 in training for them (my best time is 2:08), and I have never changed my diet or way of living for them. So it can be done with the right mindset. I have went from nearly 17 stone to 14, simply by running mile after mile, then trying to beat the times I set the last time. I challenge myself to achieve goals through running – weight loss, times, half marathons or charity events – these are the things that keep me running, although I’m crap at it, and like Matt says – don’t worry about appearing crazy to anyone else… If you do, they’re the loser!

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