8 Dead Giveaway Signs That A Beginner Jogger Is Just Starting Out To Run For The First Time

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  1. Jo says:

    #6 & #8 were definitely me as a beginner
    #2 & #7 still is me!

  2. Helen says:


    Brilliant. Although I am still bright red and still curse time for stopping when I look at my watch.

  3. Jessica says:

    I can always tell from what they are wearing. Normally really heavy looking jogging bottoms and a warm hoodie even though its actually quite warm outside and theres no way they need all those layers. I used to do it too.

  4. art momma says:

    here are some others:

    1. the bouncer runner….when the runner’s form looks like the person is bouncing….they will soon feel the affects of this and have an injury of continued….

    2. wearing cotton t-shirts or sweats while running. cotton has been shown to hold moisture against skin and not a very good material for running

    3. running too fast and having to stop b/c out of breath….

  5. em says:

    >> The only problem is that they are now out of fuel and have no means of getting home as they’d only planned on running for 20 minutes. They will search through their pockets for spare cash but will invariably walk home in slow agony.>>>

    Dude that was me on my long run today, and I’ve been running for years. I ended up eating two packets of sugar from a convenience store coffee stand.

  6. Wayne says:

    I am in Ogden, Utah, which is a runner’s paradise! We have an eight mile paved trail with almost no need to stop for traffic, with each mile and half mile point marked, as well as some quarter miles. We also have over a hundred miles of trails for trail runners. So although I am a beginner, the city has eliminated any need for 3,5, and 6. The other five, yeah I own those.

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