500 Days Without Booze

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5 Responses

  1. NWu says:

    Nice post, and congrats! Stay free; the happiness will come slowly, over time šŸ™‚

  2. Mike says:

    They should really rename alcohol twat mix or some such, because sooner or later you always say or do something that makes you look like a twat on it.
    I really used to hammer vodka. Like a litre a night. Im down to 4to 5 on a friday and saturday, drinks that is not litres……but fuck it it does nothing but make me feel slightly different so whats the point.
    Im stopping myself now, it always leads to missery that stuff, sooner or later.
    Plus matt theres nothing wrong with being moody and or misserable sometines, lifes like that.
    When you look at it, its some good times interrspersed with long periods of shite, stupid people and “wtf” moments. Alcohol doesnt really make anything any better, just hides it for a while.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very well done Matt. Many congratulations. Apart from two weird drunken evenings in 2016 I have been a complete teetotal for 3 1/2 years. I did not have a dependency issue but weekend binge drinking had become a very annoying and unhealthy habit for me. I really did not like myself when I drank. I can’t understand why booze is legal when class A drugs are not. It’s all the same. Ireland has a big drinking culture but so does the UK. Friends and work colleagues treated me me with suspicion when I stopped drinking. At first they thought I was pregnant. When they realised I wasn’t I became a bit of a social pariah. So I got myself new friends and took up long distance running. Falling off the wagon last year reinforced the belief that drinking is a waste of time, money and health and confirmed that I was only missing out on hangovers. I’m in my mid forties and will be tackling two ultras in the next couple of months. That would have never happened if I had not kept off the sauce. So well done again.

  4. michelle says:

    Serious milestone, mate, and so well-done. My now-husband stopped drinking (after twenty-plus years of drinking, with a bunch of periods of abstinence sprinkled in there) five years ago. We met almost four and a half years ago, and he’s had one lapse (when he first met my entire extended family, it almost scuttled the relationship). Next week he will have been totally sober for four years. He’s still an (extremely lovable) cranky and depressed fucker, but he (and we) are so much better able to cope. He uses strenuous exercise (and the appropriate medications) to keep his mood from the occasional shit-spiral. (I have my own, slightly different, issues, so we try to work as a team. I can take or leave alcohol, so I choose to leave it, because while I used to enjoy the occasional drink, I enjoy being with my sober husband more, and I wouldn’t do anything to endanger that. Plus, for some reason I always puke after 2 or 3. I’m lucky like that.)

    Anyway. As I’m sure you’ve gleaned from my past comments: self hate and inner loathing don’t go away just because one is sober (or food abstinent or whatever), but being sober makes the feelings so much easier to address.

    And, at the risk of coming off like someone who’s had too much head-shrinking (guilty), I’ll tell you that there are four things I try to work on every day: 1) feeding myself nutritious food, 2) exercise–more for mental than physical health, 3) the right amount of sleep, 4) some socialization (whether through a job, going to a coffee shop, a phone call, school, whatever). I’ve often tried to get by on two or three of these (and, let’s face it, most of the time I’m lucky if I’m able to fully commit to three out of four), and well, trial and error tells me that I need all four to effectively deal with the Asshole in my head that tells me I’m shit.

    Well, then. I’ve probably over-shared, all to say that it looks like you’re doing well– keep it up.

  5. Anonymous says:

    today, i made it to 501 days with no booze…today i made it 5 years without a smoking ….now i’m lost in a drunk of my weakness at 502 days and i’m ready to kill my self ….nobody knows …except me….this is my last signal and only sign post out to anyone

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