18 Tips For Running 18 Miles For The First Time In A Long Run

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4 Responses

  1. This post made me laugh and feel better. I’m running this year London for my sister who died of bowel cancer. My training has been a struggle and about to try for 18 miles next wk .My last run was 17.2 and I could just about walk in the front door so I got what you said and will try to be more positive Angry Jogger. Thanks Angela

  2. Hope you see my post Angry Jogger and any tips would be appreciated thanks. You made me feel better and laugh as I’d had been crying about how I must do this in memory for my lovely sister who died from Bowel cancer and was so brave . So I must get my arse out there and do it the London for her and others who were so brave

  3. Jo says:

    Just read this and I can so relate, looking at running my first marathon and this has given me hope that I can do it, thank you

  4. Jane says:

    Im running 18 miles on October i hope i can do it

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