18 Silly Questions/Statements That I’m Sick Of Hearing From Non-Runners.

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11 Responses

  1. David K says:

    This post is spot on, and it’s statements like the above that make us runners seem arrogant; we’re not, we’re just fed up of the condescending bullshit we hear from non runners who don’t have the manners or respect to accept we enjoy something they may not enjoy.

  2. Medal Slut says:

    Ha! I used to have that lesbian shirt.

  3. tyler lopez says:

    What the hell is a jelly tot?

  4. Sarah says:

    Haha, I came upon this post in a google search of “I’m sick of runners.” I kind of wanted to hear the other side. It seems like my facebook is littered with people doing this 5k or that 5k “Wooohooo Yeeaahhh!” and as a “non-runner” I find it nauseating and braggy. I used to admire people who ran these races but now it just seems like a lame-o trend like the WWJD or red string bracelets. BTW running so you can eat junk is a possible pre-cursor to an eating disorder… said as someone who used to have exercise and regular bulimia. I think labelling oneself as a runner is embarrassing. Anybody can run, so it’s odd to me to call oneself “A Runner.” It really just sounds like you’re trying to establish some “in-group” which excludes “non-runners” and I think that makes a person sound like an asshat. JMHO.

  5. Engela says:

    Hi there. I just wanted to say thank you very much for your blog! It is so nice to know that it’s OK to be a big runner. Thank you!!!! :)

  6. I love this! I get these questions and statements all the time! Only my true non-runner friends know to never question what I do. They just say, have a good run and we’ll see you later.

  7. Saleh bitar says:

    I am running almost all my life, since my childhood, till now, I feel fantastic with this lovely hobby, it is for me the best hobby in my life, it is easy, it does not kost any thing, it is very usefull for the body, the mental and for the spirit. If the people are wondering and asking all these questions, I think, I am quite sure that they ask that because they do not run, or can not run or do not want to run, but I guess more because they can not run regularly and accurately, otherwise they will not ask so many questions or may be they will stop talking and they go running.

  8. Fatgirlcanrun says:

    I started out only able to run 1/4 of a mile and since then progressed to 8 miles, but I still get the look-over when I tell people I run because I’m not twig thin and eating oatmeal at every meal. Then I invite them out for a “jog” and leave their skinny behinds in the dust! ….with much love of course.

  9. sarah says:

    I liked the article, but I think the photo of the gentleman losing control of his bowels was really unnecessary.

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