18 Months Without A Drink

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  1. Nono Runner says:

    Hi Matt, you are still listed starting at 8:30 on the L2B participant area. Hope you can start at 6:30. Indeed arriving late is a killer. The last part of L2C last year was pretty hard (did not help that I forgot my headlamp in my bag at half-way).
    Stay sober. I am struggling a lot against raging alcoholism at the moment. It makes my life difficult, at home and at work. And does not help my running of course. I admire you a lot for your mental strength (and your peculiar sense of humour, but that’s another story 🙂 )

  2. Anonymous says:

    geez, just have a drink and stop bitching

  3. I am one month sober and popped in to see how you’re faring. Absolutely love the blog. Thanks for being awesome.

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