9 Signs That You’re A Burned Out Runner And How To Cope.

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  1. Mikeb says:

    Ive had a bit of a break, ran wednesdasy of last week and I had to stop after 4 miles as my legs were jelly. Not sure if ive overtrained OR had a bug as chicken pox is going round family here…but instead of running since last wednesday ive been doing weighted rucksack walks (40lbs) with the dog to shake stuff up a bit seems to be working my legs are achy from the different exercise, so seems ok.
    I was getting a bit bored with constant running anyway, I mean running great n all but its only so exciting as a sport…

  1. October 3, 2017

    […] Angry Jogger: Nine signs you’re a burned out runner and how to cope. Here’s how we addressed the subject earlier the year. […]

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